Monday, February 22, 2010

Girlscout cookies pick up

Taydom's sleepover

Vilate get her cast off

Abe's Graduation from the Sally

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another tea party

I am so glad Vilate still loves her tea set. She got it for her birthday over a year ago and she still love it. I look all over for a long time for a set for her. She has had many party and so much fun with it. A friend at church gave her more cuts and saucers her daughter had when she was younger. Vilate is able to have more friends at her party now. This time GG was over along with the cousins. They had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallow.

Taydom turns 10 years old

January 31 Taydom turned 10. Wow! 10! Time flies so fast. Were did the time go? Is the next ten years go to go by this fast?

The day before is birthday he spent the day with his Nana and Papa. They went shopping for a gift and went to lunch together. I think he enjoyed his time alone with Nana and Papa.

Taydom's birthday was on a Sunday this year. That made it easier to get the family together. After church all the cousins came over and we had dinner them cake and ice cream. I made two cakes this year. I made one that everyone could eat and one GFCF just for Taydom.

Taydom got so Lego he had been asking for sense before Christmas. It was a good day for him and a good time for the family to hang out.

Friday, January 22, 2010

One week later...

One week later we went to Vilate's orthopedics appointment. We did not know if she would get the cast off or if she'd get a new, but she was looking forward to it. The cast the emergency room put on was HUGE. She could not wear any of her shirt, the cast was too big to get her arm through. She wore my T-shirts with a slit in the back of the sleeve.

We met with the physicians assistant first and then the doctor. They were not sure if they would put a new cast on. Her arm was still swollen and her elbow was very frangible, but they could see how HUGE the cast was and they decided to put a new/smaller one on. They were a few people helping to hold the arm stable while it was being wrapped. Vilate chose her favorite color, Red. The doctor told us to come back in 2 weeks. He did not say if the cast would come off or not, so I guess we will just see in 2 weeks. Vilate is really excited to have all her friends to sign her new cast.


After taken GG to an eye doctors appointment and we stopped for lunch. We had just gotten our food when my phone rang. It was the school, Vilate had fallen on hurt her arm. They could not tell how bad it was but they wanted me to come. I apologized to GG and told her we had to go right away. We got doggie bags and ran out the door. As soon as I saw Vilate's face I could tell she was in a lot of pain and was trying to be brave. Carefully we got her into the car and went to Kaiser nearest urgent care clinic. They x-rayed her arm and elbow and found her elbow to be dislocated. (badly)
They told me it was too severe to fix there, and we had go to the emergency room at the Hospital downtown. I took GG back home and drove Vilate downtown to the emergency room at St. Joseph's hospital. They took her back right away and made her as comfortable she they could. Every one was so nice. They took an other x-ray for an other angle.

Her elbow need to be reset and in order to do that they needed to sedated her. WOW! okay. They put an IV in and hooked her up to the monitors. They gave her the sedation meds and she was out. I left the room, I could not watch. It only took a few minutes and they called me back in. Her elbow look much better. (Like an elbow should look) They brought in an X-ray machine and took some more photos. Everything looked good. They were starting to wrap her arm and elbow when she woke up. You could tell right away she felt better.

By the time we left the hospital Vilate had color back in her checks and she was smiling and acting much better. They told us to call and made an appointment for one week with orthopedics.

New Years Day

New Years Day was the last day the kids had off before they headed back to shcool. I wanted to do one last thing before the vacation was over. I made them a fun lunch of fondue. We have chicken, beef, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, mushroom and a few other veggies I know I am forgetting.
For dessert we had left over chocolate fondue from Vilate's party. They dipped strawberries, marshmallow, pretzels, and pound-cake and any thing else they could find. Taydom could not have the chocolate so he pigged out on fruit and helped everyone else dip. Don't fell bad for him, he ate more them anyone else.Yuuuummmmie. Chocolate and bananas. One of my favorites. Of course chocolate goes well with strawberries and pound-cake and pretzel and ........

Happy New Year/ Birthday Party

Vilate's birthday was in October. She turned eight years old. She was so excited to have a birthday party but because I was due to have a baby the same time I told Vilate that we would do a party for her but she would have to wait until I felt well enough.

She waited and waited. She was so patient. Right after her birthday the Holidays came. Everyone one has so much going on around the Holidays, but we came up with a great plan. We would have a New Years Eve/ Birthday Party for her. We invited her best friends to come and spend the night. Some were out of town and some had other plans so not everyone was able to make it, but those that did had a great time.
The girls made their own pizza, painted T-shirts, made photos frames and painted small animal statutes. I was a great party. The girls stay up late in to the night play the family's new Wii we got for Christmas.
It was a great night.

Pass the Baby Around

It is a new game. Have you heard about it. It's all the rage. You have to try it. It called pass the Baby around.

She loves to be held and love to talk to anyone that will listen. She is not shy. She might talk your ear off.
Beau got Ellyse young. She too has become a KU fan.

Branda's Cinnamon Rolls

Brenda Cinnamon Rolls Yummmmy!!! Every time Brenda and our family are in DC at the same time Vilate love to help Brenda make cinnamon rolls. That are the BEST cinnamon rolls!

Vilate loved to make then with Brenda. As soon as she learns we are going to DC she asked if Brenda will be there too. The next question is always then same. Can we make cinnamon rolls. I think Brenda like to make them with Vilate too.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve the kids could not hardly wait to open girls. We decited to let them open their gifts from each other.
Vilate and Taydom gave Ellyse and toy pig that wiggles around. They had a hard time finding something for Ellyse. They kept wanting to get her something that was for a much older toddler. But I helped them find something that would be more age appropriate.
It is always so fum to see that they each got for each other. They are both so thoughtfully and really want to give the other one something they want. Good job guys. You are both wonderful kiddos.

Gingerbread Houses chapter 2

In DC the Walmart had Gingerbread on sale so I thought the kids would have fun making another one, and if they did not I would have fun making it myself. Ofcouse they wanted to make another one. They had a great time making them and then showing them off to everyone that came to Grandma and Grandpa house for the holiday season. Vilate used all her candy and made it very colorful. Taydom wanted to color is frosting green. He mostly covered it with the green frosting making bushes and trees.

My little SocIal Butterfly

We love Papa. This was his first time holding Ellyse. We were in Dodge City for Christmas.

Ellyse has gotten strong and is able to hold her head. She loves to talk to people and is very social. She will talk your ear off and does not like to have her back to the group. She wants to be held out so she can see what is going on. My Little Social Butterfly

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ellyse's Blessing

The first Sunday in December was Ellyse's blessing. I was a great day for our family. My mom bought a blessing bless a few years ago for my sister but she had a boy and so it sat unused for about 6 years. I liked the dress but not the lace. It looked very Gothic and Catholic so I was not use if I wanted to use it. After looking around and not finding something I liked that was within my price range I decided to use the dress. I removed all the lace very carefully around the sleeves, collar and bottom of the dress. I tatted some lace to replace the lace I removed. I think it turned out very nice.

I started tatted these booties after learning that we were having a girl with the ultra sound. They took about 30 hours each. They may not have taked so long but I have not tatted for a few years. I tatted the same booties for Vilate blessing.

We also took a family photo that day. I think I turned out pretty good. We are so excited and very gratefully to have Ellyse a part of our family.